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Client Charter

Emergency Department

  • Cases received will be categorised into 3 zones (Red, Yellow and Green).
  • Cases reported as red zone, will be treated immediately, while yellow zone patients will be treated within 30 minutes and green zone patients will be treated within 90 minutes.

Specialist clinic

  • Patient will be checked by the Medical Officer within 90 minutes upon registration.

Check-In Unit

  • Documentation for admission process will be completed within 5 minutes.

Revenue Unit

  • Deposit will be refunded within 15 minutes upon the issuance of original deposit statement
  • For any deposit refunds exceeding RM1000, relevant documents will be submitted to Account’s Department within 2 working days whereby payment will be credited to account payee

Medical records

  • Medical Report will be ready within 28 working days from the receipt of complete application.

In order to carry out the customer charter, patients are required to:

  1. Abide by the rules set by HTAR
  2. Responsible to Using HTAR’s facilities with care and responsible
  3. Follow through the health care treatment plan